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Victory for People with Disabilities in NYC

NYC Middletown Rd Subway Station

The American With Disabilities Act (ADA), which was passed in 1990, will be implemented more strictly following the ruling of a federal judge last March 6, 2019. Bronx Independent Living Service sued the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in 2016 for their failure to make the Middletown Road subway station accessible to people with disabilities. The […]

Travel: Machu Picchu Wheelchair Accessible Trip

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One of the top destinations for any tourist is the Machu Picchu. Looks like tourist rate would now be doubling in Peru. Machu Picchu has been wheelchair accessible for a few months now. Wheel the World, a travel company, developed the first wheelchair accessible tour of the Peruvian tourist site, Machu Picchu. The site is […]

Hartsville to open Handicap Accessible Playground

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A new handicap accessible playground will be open on Byerly Park that is located in Hartsville, SC. The playground will be located between the track and field and tennis court areas of the park. This playground will be an expansion for Garrison’s Place. Garrison’s Place originally is located just outside Neptune Island Waterpark. It originally […]