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Civil rights groups sue Uber for excluding wheelchair-users from its service

Customers in wheelchairs have been directed to costlier and less-convenient taxis through Uber, a lawsuit said.

Historically, Uber has argued that it is a technology company and thus, not subject to the ADA. However, this statement did not stop PWD rights advocate group Equal Rights Center from filing a lawsuit against the company. According to them, the rideshare giant is “denying wheelchair users full and equal enjoyment of [its] transportation service.”Furthermore, […]

Why Can’t Ridesharing Services Like Uber Be More Wheelchair-Friendly?

Why can't Uber and Lyft be more wheelchair-friendly?

Last year, the ride-hailing company Uber announced that they will be working with one of the country’s largest paratransit providers, MV Transit, to increase their wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAV). But almost a year has gone by and disabled riders barely notice any improvement. In fact, New York City, Uber’s largest U.S. market, currently only has 554 […]

Know Your Rights: Traveling In A Wheelchair

disabled divers featured

It has been over two decades since the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was officially enforced by the government. This law ensures equal access to wheelchair users in terms of employment, education, public and private places, communication, and transportation. Despite this, the majority of service providers – especially in transportation – do not seem […]