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Inspiring story of a Gold medalist Chicago wheelchair archer

Army veteran and gold medalist wheelchair archer Babette Peyton shares inspiring story.

Chicago’s acclaimed archer Babette Peyton gained the hearts and support of many when she won numerous awards and accolades all while riding her wheelchair. However, things weren’t always smooth for Peyton. Before her wheelchair-archery legacy, Babette was once a member of the armed forces. But during a military training exercise, she suffered a progressive, stroke-like […]

American Man Breaks Wheelchair Records at Boston Marathon

181105085529439 Daniel Romanchuk New York

Daniel Romanchuk crossed the finish line wheelchair-bound with not one, not two, but three records set and a trophy. He reportedly finished the race in an official time of 1 hour, 21 minutes and 36 seconds, became the youngest push rim race winner in Boston Marathon history and the first US men’s wheelchair champion in […]