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Inspiring story of a Gold medalist Chicago wheelchair archer

Army veteran and gold medalist wheelchair archer Babette Peyton shares inspiring story.

Chicago’s acclaimed archer Babette Peyton gained the hearts and support of many when she won numerous awards and accolades all while riding her wheelchair. However, things weren’t always smooth for Peyton. Before her wheelchair-archery legacy, Babette was once a member of the armed forces. But during a military training exercise, she suffered a progressive, stroke-like […]

Woman shoots wheelchair user (Chicago, IL)

Woman shoots wheelchair user in Chicago

Chicago, IL — Two people are now in police custody after a woman allegedly shot wheelchair user at Englewood. According to authorities, the incident happened around 10:25 am last Tuesday. A man and a woman entered the apartment in the 6100 blocks of South Green Street and confronted a wheelchair-bound man. Police believe an altercation […]

Illinois Paralympians Shine at Chicago Wheelchair Marathon

Daniel Romanchuk wins the Men's Wheelchair Bank of America Chicago Marathon Sunday, in Chicago.

Chicago, IL — This year’s Chicago Wheelchair Marathon is expecting 27 Paralympians and a big increase in prize money, making it the most competitive wheelchair race yet. One of the crowd favorites, Taytana McFadden, is thrilled to participate in the biggest wheelchair marathon in all of Chicago. “Having 27 Paralympians is huge,” McFadden told reporters […]

10 Wheelchair-Accessible Activities To Do in Chicago

Wheelchair-accessible activities to do in Chicago

According to the Insider, the City of Chicago is one of the top wheelchair-accessible cities in the US. Rightfully so, as Chicago has made a concerted effort to make the city wheelchair-accessible, including transportation, city parks, and museums. Furthermore, Chicago offers a wide variety of wheelchair-accessible things to do. This includes museums, sightseeing opportunities, sporting events, […]

Top 10 Best Wheelchair Transportation in Chicago

Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles in Chicago; the best disabled transportation in the city of Chicago.

Ever thought about visiting the Wind City of America but traveling with a wheelchair? No problem! The City of Chicago is as wheelchair-friendly as it can get. In fact, former mayor Emanuel announced major increase in wheelchair-accessible transit options for residents and visitors throughout Chicago last 2017. So if you’re looking for the next destination […]

Four Wheelchair Accessible Restaurants in Chicago You Should Visit

Restaurant Row - West Loop, Chicago.

Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States. No doubt a city with this many people also houses countless commercial establishments. Among these are the city’s best restaurants. And as a wheelchair user, you should consider not only the quality and price of dishes in a restaurant but also how accessible it […]

Wheelchair Accessible Must-See Places In Chicago

chicago skyline lake 6ac1c435

Chicago, as often called “The City that Never Sleeps”, has numerous establishments worth visiting. Full of colors, the hustle and bustle of every places are a ‘must-see’ both for locals and tourists. Of course, there are places in Chicago that are wheelchair accessible. Here are a few of them: Attractions Chicago Theater You can use […]