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Top 10 Best Wheelchair Transportation in Chicago

Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles in Chicago; the best disabled transportation in the city of Chicago.

Ever thought about visiting the Wind City of America but traveling with a wheelchair? No problem! The City of Chicago is as wheelchair-friendly as it can get. In fact, former mayor Emanuel announced major increase in wheelchair-accessible transit options for residents and visitors throughout Chicago last 2017. So if you’re looking for the next destination in your wheelchair-trip diaries, the City of Chicago might just be a perfect choice!

But, before anything else, here are the top 10 best wheelchair-accessible transportation in Chicago that you should know about. Not only will this make your life easier, but also more enjoyable!

10. Special Needs Chicago Inc.

Special Needs Chicago Inc. is a wheelchair-accessible transportation service with Michelle Cord-Dacy as the founder. In their website, it states that the founder’s experience of over 15+ years in the caregiving field influenced the founding of the company. For almost a decade, the founder has been coordinating wheelchair accessible transportation for dozens of charities and organizations, families, and insurance companies.

Corporate clients and private pay individuals can schedule rides with ease in the company where reservations are generally communicated via email or fax. Fillable PDF files can be downloaded by corporate clients, private pay individuals, and holiday reservations.

9. Chicago ADA Paratransit

The Chicago ADA Paratransit services is a shared ride, advanced reservation, origin-to-destination service for disabled individuals. They cater to wheelchair-bound individuals, handicapped people, and mentally-disabled persons. The service has a 3.1 star rating from 15 reviews on Google.

To schedule trips, you may call 866-926-9631 for Service Area 1 (South Zone – 71st St. south to Sibley); 866-926-9631 for Service Area 2 (Central Zone – between 71st St and Fullerton); and 866-926-9633 for Service Area 3 (North Zone – Fullerton north to Central). If you are unsure of which service area to call, you may look at the map or call 1-800-606-1282.

Additionally, the Chicago ADA Paratransit services only take reservations from Monday through Sunday 6:00am to 6:00pm. 

8. Disabled On The Go Transit

Disabled on the Go Transit is a medical transportation limousine that transports handicapped people all around Chicago. Furthermore, the company boasts its 4.0-star rating on Yelp and has over 5 reviews from customers.

One review wrote: “Incredibly compassionate and kind! Such a wonderful service!! We called them late night for urgent transport and they offered to help us in a pinch. Even called the next day to see if we were feeling better.”

Another wrote: “Had a wonderful experience with Mark, taking my wheelchair-bound father out to his first dinner with the family since he became immobile. Mark was prompt, friendly, and helped door to door. He was available on a Sunday evening, which we didn’t expect to be able to find in the suburbs. The MV-1 vehicle was great too. We’ll definitely use this company again.”

If you wish to experience their incredible service, you can call their hotline +1-630-972-0023 or visit their website.

6. Suzy’s Shuttle Service

Suzy’s Shuttle Service is a small transportation company that transports people anywhere in Chicago. Furthermore, the company has a 5.0-star rating on Yelp. You can book a wheelchair-accessible vehicle from this company by calling +1-847-774-3440.

One review on Yelp wrote: “I recently needed medical transportation services, so I began calling around to get pricing. My needs were a little different then just pick-up and drop-off for a medical appointment.  A relative, who is wheelchair bound, wanted to attend my sons graduation and to the dinner that followed, which was no small feat.  After calling several companies, I found Suzy’s Shuttle Service.  I asked if they could accomodate me since it would be an all day affair.  They explained that they transport anywhere, not just for medical reasons, so I was thrilled.  Not only were they professional and courteous, they charged a fair rate.  I can’t express how pleased my family was that we found this company.”

5. Extended Care Transportation

Extended Care Transportation has been providing affordable, safe and reliable transportation services to customers for over 10 years. Although they primarily service the south suburbs of Chicago, they can transport you anywhere in the United States. It has a 5.0-star rating with 2 reviews on Yelp. They are open Monday – Sunday: 12am – 12pm. Call them at 24/7 at 708-429-2082 for a ride now!

4. AC MedTran

Ac Medtran provides wheelchair and non-wheelchair transportation service in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Whether you need a ride to O’Hare, doctors office, visiting a loved one or attending an event, they’ve got you covered. So, if you want to ride with them, give them a call at (630) 568-3850 or visit their website: acmedtran.com

3. Open Taxis

Open Taxis serves Chicago and provides a subcontractor for suburb to suburb service. The company has a 4.5-star rating and 3 reviews from Yelp. They are open for immediate pick-up or a pre-arranged trip 24/7. To request a WAV, call 1-855-WAV-1010 (1-855-928-1010). You may also email them at Dispatch1@opendoorsnfp.org if you have concerns, suggestions, or complaints.

And just like Uber, Open Taxis has an app that you can download to book a ride and track your driver! You can get the app at Google Play or the App Store.

2. Greater Chicago Transit

Greater Chicago Transit is a non-emergency wheelchair accessible transportation company which offers a wide variety of non-emergency medical transportation services throughout Chicagoland. Moreover, the WAV company offers flexible transportation options on a fixed-route, contractual, or on-demand service. You can book your ride with them now by calling 1-844-943-7386

A review posted on their website wrote: “Greater Chicago Transport is a life saver. Alex has been very helpful. I received his contact information and he has assisted my family in numerous transportation visits for my father to doctor visits. He is friendly, professional and always has a smile. He is prompt and professional and someone I can trust with my loved one”

1. Chitown Cabbie

Finally, the top wheelchair-accessible vehicle in Chicago is no other than Chitown Cabbie. With an outstanding 5.0-star rating on both Yelp and Google Reviews with 20+ positive ratings, this WAV service will surely make your trip in the Wind City worthwhile. Chitown Cabbie provides reliable, safe, and affordable wheelchair accessible service to people with disabilities around Chicago and suburbs since 2001. Furthermore, they offer two types of wheelchair accessible vehicles: modified wheelchair accessible minivans and factory-built MV-1s. The company provides 24/7 pick-up service, anytime, anywhere.

One review wrote: “The holidays can be stressful.  My biggest worry is always the transport of my wheelchair bound mom to my house.  After using a few different companies in the past and being dissapointed for a variety of reasons, I searched for a new option and stumbled upon ChitownCabbie.  From our first communication to our last, I could tell I finally found safe and reliable transportation!   Leave all your worries behind and use ChitownCabbie.  This will be the only car service you will ever want to use again ….you’ll see ;). 5 stars all the way.”

If you wish to know more about our company, feel free to read out About Us page or give us a call 1-312-701-4559 to book your ride today!

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