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What It’s Like to Travel When You Use a Wheelchair

Wheelchair travel

Figuring out what to do to get through the trip without hassle is just the beginning of what travelers with disabilities need to think about. The majority of this planet remains inaccessible for travelers with special needs. Hence, getting around places can leave tourists in dangerous and humiliating situations. Indeed, jet-setting wheelchair users take on […]

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Travelers with Disability

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Travelers with Disability

We cannot deny the fact that smartphone apps have saved us a lot of time, frustrations, and unnecessary efforts. We can now shop, learn, play music, locate restaurants, book flights and communicate on social media thanks to these mobile applications. Moreover, if you’re a traveler, you must know the importance of having useful smartphone tools […]

5 Most Common Problems When Traveling With A Wheelchair

Traveling with a wheelchair

Traveling is already bittersweet in itself. Especially if you’re taking public transportation to in order to get going, things might get a little bit rougher. If the slight thought of traffic, delayed rides, and strangers make you feel uncomfortable, imagine being a person-with-disability. Indeed, traveling with a wheelchair is a dreadful experience. The number of […]

At Your Service: Solving Transportation Issues For The Disabled


All over the world, a large number of urban and inter-urban transport services remain inaccessible to persons with disabilities. As a result, many community members suffer from extreme hassle and frustration – especially those whose daily activities involve transportation. That is why it is important for less-capable individuals to voice out these concerns. Feedback from […]