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Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Travelers with Disability

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Travelers with Disability

We cannot deny the fact that smartphone apps have saved us a lot of time, frustrations, and unnecessary efforts. We can now shop, learn, play music, locate restaurants, book flights and communicate on social media thanks to these mobile applications.

Moreover, if you’re a traveler, you must know the importance of having useful smartphone tools installed on your device. It definitely makes everyone’s lives easier, especially for disabled travelers. In fact, some might argue that, aside from their wheelchair, special-needs apps are the most important item in their lives.

So, in this blog, we’re going to show you 10 smartphone apps that make travel easier and more accessible to people with disabilities!

1. Wheelmap

Arguably the most common problem that arises for wheelchair users when traveling is finding wheelchair-accessible locations. But worry no more, this amazing app will solve your problem!

Wheelmap shows you all the wheelchair-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, and other locations. And what’s even better is that anyone can easily download it from the Apple iOS App Store or from the Google Play store. Note: Wheelmap only shows information about European countries and cities. 

2. Wheelmate

This app is most essential for wheelchair tourists. Instead of asking around for an accessible toilet, you can now simply turn on your phone and use the Wheelmate app!

On top of that, Wheelmate also shows you nearby accessible parking spaces. Hence, if you’re in an unfamiliar place and need to use the toilet/PWD parking, Wheelmate is your one true mate!

3. Pill Reminder

Not necessarily a travel app, but it’s still very useful for all disabled travelers. Most, if not some, PWD tourists have to take their medications regularly. However, because they might get distracted from everything that’s happening around them, they might forget about it.

Pill Reminder is the smartphone app that you can depend on in case your medications get over your head. By manually setting up reminders – like a regular alarm clock – you won’t have to worry about forgetting your pills. Now, you can enjoy your trip and still look after your health.

4. Roger Voice

This app is highly essential for deaf travelers. Roger Voice is a free app that works to caption your mobile voice calls in real-time. Yes, you read that right – in real-time!

This amazing app is equipped with advanced speech recognition software that can dictate calls in multiple languages. So, if you’re the type of person who prefers phone calls over texts, then this app is perfect for you! Moreover, Roger Voice is available on iOS and Android smartphones.

5. Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes connects a blind person with a sighted person who then describes the images they see through the blind person’s camera. 

The service is provided free of charge, and the volunteer assistance allows those with limited vision to navigate unfamiliar places and gain a new perspective on their surroundings. It can be installed through the App Store or Google Play.

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