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5 Most Common Problems When Traveling With A Wheelchair

Traveling with a wheelchair

Traveling is already bittersweet in itself. Especially if you’re taking public transportation to in order to get going, things might get a little bit rougher. If the slight thought of traffic, delayed rides, and strangers make you feel uncomfortable, imagine being a person-with-disability. Indeed, traveling with a wheelchair is a dreadful experience. The number of […]

Travel: Machu Picchu Wheelchair Accessible Trip

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One of the top destinations for any tourist is the Machu Picchu. Looks like tourist rate would now be doubling in Peru. Machu Picchu has been wheelchair accessible for a few months now. Wheel the World, a travel company, developed the first wheelchair accessible tour of the Peruvian tourist site, Machu Picchu. The site is […]

Tips for Wheelchair Travelers

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Travelling, oftentimes, come with many obstacles. How much more for a wheelchair user. There are a lot of things to consider, the luggage, flight connections, and even seating. But no matter what, it shouldn’t keep one from travelling. Below are some travel tips that wheelchair users can follow for their next journey. Request for comfortable […]