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Tips for Wheelchair Travelers

Travelling, oftentimes, come with many obstacles. How much more for a wheelchair user. There are a lot of things to consider, the luggage, flight connections, and even seating. But no matter what, it shouldn’t keep one from travelling. Below are some travel tips that wheelchair users can follow for their next journey.

Request for comfortable seats

During flight reservation, notify the airline that you are using a wheelchair and may require assistance. Make sure to request bulkhead seating if possible. These seats are more spacious and is in the economy class’ front row area. Though these seats may cost extra on some airlines, sometimes, these seats are free! Some armrests on bulkhead seats are immovable.You can also ask the airline for seat suggestions.

Arrive at the airport extra early

Most flights usually require that you come in at least an hour or two before your scheduled departure. Some frequent wheelchair travelers recommend that you at least come two-three hours before the scheduled time. Security checks sometimes take a lot of time since you can’t walk through the gates.

Check the voltage capacity on your destination.

Americans use 110 volts for electric appliances, and other devices. But for most part of the world, they use 220+ volts. Make sure to check the voltage on your destination to avoid any problems. You can also bring power converter and adapter. Powered wheelchair chargers usually cannot convert power voltage properly. You can ask your local wheelchair repair shop for a 220-240 volt chargers for your trip.

Look for repair shops at your destination

This is a bit related to the tip above. You cannot know when things could go wrong in your trip so it is best to have all your bases covered. It’s also good if you can get the estimate price for repairs in the local area you’re visiting.

Book transportation services in advance

Chitown Cabbie Taxi Service offers 24/7 wheelchair accessible transport in Chicago and nearby suburbs.

Nowadays, tourist cities have wheelchair-accessible transportation services. Chicago is included in the list. Research beforehand if there are accessible taxi service (like Chitown Cabbie Taxi Service) in your destination. If you cannot book the service in advance, you can book it to and from the airport.

These are just some of the tips that you can follow for a hassle-free trip. This is just to give you an idea and prepare ahead.

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