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Wheelchair user left stranded for four hours in ‘freezing’ cold at Colchester Station

Wheelchair user stuck at Colchester Train Station for four hours due to lack of wheelchair-accessible transportation.

Colchester, EN — A trip which should have just taken at least 15-minutes became a 4-hour nightmare for wheelchair user Hollie-Anne Brooks last Tuesday, Nov. 19. The 30-year-old disability activist arrived at Colchester from London at about 11:15 pm. Beforehand, she booked a wheelchair accessible taxi service through Greater Anglia to take to her home station, Wivenhoe, […]

Study shows 27% of wheelchair users get rejected by universal design taxis in Japan

Universal design (UD) taxis reportedly refuse 27% of wheelchair users in Japan.

A survey done by the Japan National Assembly of Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI-Japan) revealed that universal design (UD) taxis that are capable of transporting wheelchairs turned away 27% of wheelchair-bound participants. The group carried out the survey on various companies that provide UD taxis on Oct. 30 to investigate complaints that such taxis were turning […]

The Ups and Downs of Accessible Transportation

Wheelchair accessible transportation

In the past, there had been issues with providing basic accessible transportation throughout the United States. Today, transit facilities, intermodal centers, rail stations, and platforms are increasingly becoming accessible especially here in Chicago. However, even with this impressive collection of services, there are still underlying issues. These challenges are not exclusive to the US – they […]

Wheelchair access among top concerns in ride-hailing services, study says

Wheelchair access one of the major concerns in ride-share services

A recent study shows that wheelchair access is one of the top concerns in the ride-hailing industry. This comes along with the working conditions of drivers and road congestion. According to a Research Co. poll, 75% of 700 respondents from Metro Vancouver believe ride-hailing drivers, and taxi drivers, be paid a minimum wage. Likewise, these […]

Why Can’t Ridesharing Services Like Uber Be More Wheelchair-Friendly?

Why can't Uber and Lyft be more wheelchair-friendly?

Last year, the ride-hailing company Uber announced that they will be working with one of the country’s largest paratransit providers, MV Transit, to increase their wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAV). But almost a year has gone by and disabled riders barely notice any improvement. In fact, New York City, Uber’s largest U.S. market, currently only has 554 […]

10 Interesting Facts About Wheelchairs You May Not Know

Wheelchair users

For physically challenged individuals, an electric-powered wheelchair is an incredible method for enhancing personal mobility. A wheelchair enables a disabled individual to appreciate and even partake in occasions and exercises with families, companions, and friends. Furthermore, wheelchair users can now do things that were once thought to be impossible due to their disability. It could […]

Top 10 Best Wheelchair Transportation in Chicago

Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles in Chicago; the best disabled transportation in the city of Chicago.

Ever thought about visiting the Wind City of America but traveling with a wheelchair? No problem! The City of Chicago is as wheelchair-friendly as it can get. In fact, former mayor Emanuel announced major increase in wheelchair-accessible transit options for residents and visitors throughout Chicago last 2017. So if you’re looking for the next destination […]

10 Things That Will Make Life Easier for Wheelchair Users

10 Things to Help Wheelchair Users To Make Their Lives Easier

Wheelchair users, as well as people with disabilities in general, should be treated like ordinary people. They value their independence just as much as everyone does. However, it doesn’t change the fact that they still have special needs. If they fail to meet those needs, achieving independence can be a bit tougher for them. Hence, […]

Taxi becomes more expensive for disabled people (Texas)

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Texas, AU — Majority of disabled individuals are already spending a huge amount of money just to get around the city. However, things might just get heavier for them. On June 30 of last year, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) officially rolled-out for Australian persons with disabilities. It aims to give support (financial and […]

Taxi drivers undergo wheelchair safety assessment (Walsall, IE)


Walsall Officials performed an undercover operation to see if Walsall taxi and private hire vehicle drivers are safely transporting wheelchair-bound passengers. Community protection officers, with the special participation of a handicapped police officer, carried out the recent task. The evaluation revealed that the cases of safety breaches decreased following the earlier spot check in March. […]