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5 Awesome Life Hacks for Wheelchair Users

5 Awesome Accessible Life Hacks for Wheelchair Users

These past couple of years, accessibility awareness is undeniably growing. That’s good news, but it’s also obvious that there’s still a long way to go. Practically it will also take many years before all permanent infrastructure is able to play “catch-up” with ADA regulations. In the meantime, you’re left with the risk of finding yourself […]

What It’s Like to Travel When You Use a Wheelchair

Wheelchair travel

Figuring out what to do to get through the trip without hassle is just the beginning of what travelers with disabilities need to think about. The majority of this planet remains inaccessible for travelers with special needs. Hence, getting around places can leave tourists in dangerous and humiliating situations. Indeed, jet-setting wheelchair users take on […]

10 Interesting Facts About Wheelchairs You May Not Know

Wheelchair users

For physically challenged individuals, an electric-powered wheelchair is an incredible method for enhancing personal mobility. A wheelchair enables a disabled individual to appreciate and even partake in occasions and exercises with families, companions, and friends. Furthermore, wheelchair users can now do things that were once thought to be impossible due to their disability. It could […]

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Travelers with Disability

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Travelers with Disability

We cannot deny the fact that smartphone apps have saved us a lot of time, frustrations, and unnecessary efforts. We can now shop, learn, play music, locate restaurants, book flights and communicate on social media thanks to these mobile applications. Moreover, if you’re a traveler, you must know the importance of having useful smartphone tools […]

10 Wheelchair-Accessible Activities To Do in Chicago

Wheelchair-accessible activities to do in Chicago

According to the Insider, the City of Chicago is one of the top wheelchair-accessible cities in the US. Rightfully so, as Chicago has made a concerted effort to make the city wheelchair-accessible, including transportation, city parks, and museums. Furthermore, Chicago offers a wide variety of wheelchair-accessible things to do. This includes museums, sightseeing opportunities, sporting events, […]

10 Things That Will Make Life Easier for Wheelchair Users

10 Things to Help Wheelchair Users To Make Their Lives Easier

Wheelchair users, as well as people with disabilities in general, should be treated like ordinary people. They value their independence just as much as everyone does. However, it doesn’t change the fact that they still have special needs. If they fail to meet those needs, achieving independence can be a bit tougher for them. Hence, […]

Four Wheelchair Accessible Restaurants in Chicago You Should Visit

Restaurant Row - West Loop, Chicago.

Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States. No doubt a city with this many people also houses countless commercial establishments. Among these are the city’s best restaurants. And as a wheelchair user, you should consider not only the quality and price of dishes in a restaurant but also how accessible it […]

Know Your Rights: Traveling In A Wheelchair

disabled divers featured

It has been over two decades since the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was officially enforced by the government. This law ensures equal access to wheelchair users in terms of employment, education, public and private places, communication, and transportation. Despite this, the majority of service providers – especially in transportation – do not seem […]