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Air Traveling on a Wheelchair is a Nightmare: Here’s Why

Wheelchair air travel

Traveling for wheelchair users has never been this efficient – thanks to the efforts of disability rights advocates. In fact, we are now closer than ever in making all transportation services – from land to air – 100% wheelchair accessible. However, our mission to all-inclusive transportation is far from finished. Simply making these services available […]

Top 10 Signs that Wheelchair-Accessible Travel is Going Mainstream

Top 10 Signs That Wheelchair-Accessible Travel is Going Mainstream

Last November 11-13, 2019, the first-ever TravelAbility Summit bringing travel industry and innovations in travel accessibility for individuals with disabilities commenced at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco. Conference organizer, Jake Steinman, says that the primary goal of the summit is “Make destinations accessible to everyone.” The North American Journeys, the company which initiated the […]

5 Awesome Life Hacks for Wheelchair Users

5 Awesome Accessible Life Hacks for Wheelchair Users

These past couple of years, accessibility awareness is undeniably growing. That’s good news, but it’s also obvious that there’s still a long way to go. Practically it will also take many years before all permanent infrastructure is able to play “catch-up” with ADA regulations. In the meantime, you’re left with the risk of finding yourself […]

The Ups and Downs of Accessible Transportation

Wheelchair accessible transportation

In the past, there had been issues with providing basic accessible transportation throughout the United States. Today, transit facilities, intermodal centers, rail stations, and platforms are increasingly becoming accessible especially here in Chicago. However, even with this impressive collection of services, there are still underlying issues. These challenges are not exclusive to the US – they […]

What It’s Like to Travel When You Use a Wheelchair

Wheelchair travel

Figuring out what to do to get through the trip without hassle is just the beginning of what travelers with disabilities need to think about. The majority of this planet remains inaccessible for travelers with special needs. Hence, getting around places can leave tourists in dangerous and humiliating situations. Indeed, jet-setting wheelchair users take on […]

Award-winning product design makes wheelchair travel easier

Corbally designer Ciara Crawford at the European Product Design awards in Budapest for her wheelchair travel.

Designer Ciara Crawford who dedicated her time and effort to make life easier for wheelchair travelers recently received the Emerging Product Designer of the Year award in the transportation and aerospace category at this year’s European Product Design Awards. The Product Design Award, in partnership with the European Parliament, recognizes talented designers who aim to improve our […]

Top 10 Best Wheelchair Transportation in Chicago

Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles in Chicago; the best disabled transportation in the city of Chicago.

Ever thought about visiting the Wind City of America but traveling with a wheelchair? No problem! The City of Chicago is as wheelchair-friendly as it can get. In fact, former mayor Emanuel announced major increase in wheelchair-accessible transit options for residents and visitors throughout Chicago last 2017. So if you’re looking for the next destination […]

5 Most Common Problems When Traveling With A Wheelchair

Traveling with a wheelchair

Traveling is already bittersweet in itself. Especially if you’re taking public transportation to in order to get going, things might get a little bit rougher. If the slight thought of traffic, delayed rides, and strangers make you feel uncomfortable, imagine being a person-with-disability. Indeed, traveling with a wheelchair is a dreadful experience. The number of […]

Know Your Rights: Traveling In A Wheelchair

disabled divers featured

It has been over two decades since the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was officially enforced by the government. This law ensures equal access to wheelchair users in terms of employment, education, public and private places, communication, and transportation. Despite this, the majority of service providers – especially in transportation – do not seem […]