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10 Amazing Wheelchair-Accessible Tourist Spots Around the World

Top 10 Amazing Wheelchair-Accessible Tourist Attractions Around the World

We all have our own travel-goals. The thought of meeting new people, visiting world-class places, and experiencing new food is enough to thrill us to the bone. However, traveling might sound amazing, but the process one has to endure in order to have a well-planned vacation is no easy task. From paper works, hours of research, and budgeting, one can easily get discouraged from achieving their dream-vacation.

But the good news is, there are many tourist attractions around the world that are wheelchair-friendly and super accessible! Want to know some of them? Here are 10 most amazing wheelchair-accessible tourist spots around the world!

10. Congaree National Park

congaree boardwalk trail 2462202 85
Congaree National Park, South Carolina USA

If you want to take a break and have peace of mind, then Congaree National Park is the place for you. This exquisite park is located in central South Carolina opens 24/7 and preserves the largest tract of old-growth bottomland hardwood forest. Furthermore, the Congaree National Park has a wheelchair-accessible 2.4-mile boardwalk that goes through the forest. Its campsites, restrooms, and public buildings are also wheelchair-friendly. With a 4.7-star review on Google Reviews, there really isn’t a reason for you not to visit this place.

9. Myeongdong Street Market

best night markets in seoul
Myeongdong Street Market, Seoul South Korea

Of course, what is a perfect vacation without food? In the city of Seoul, South Korea, there you will find the Myeongdong Street Market. This 24/7-open Asian food market is known to have reliably wheelchair-accessible public transit and well-paved sidewalks. Come eat your heart out as it offers classic Asian food such as fish cakes, dumplings, and Korean BBQ. But wait, there’s more: you can even buy clouds of cotton candy, towering ice cream cones, and hot pancakes. Yum!

8. Morgan’s Wonderland


Located in San Antonio, Texas, Morgan’s Wonderland is the world’s first ‘ultra-accessible’ family fun park. It has over thirty accessible rides, a music garden, and sensory village. If you want to have an unforgettable and fun experience, make sure to visit Morgan’s Inspiration Island where you have the opportunity to transfer into waterproof wheelchairs provided by the park, free of charge and enjoy the colorful splash pads and the River Boat Adventure ride! Not convinced yet? Come and visit their website to know more about it!

7. A-ONE Pattaya Beach Resort

pic1 a one pattaya beach resort
A-ONE Pattaya Beach Resort, Thailand

This luxurious beach resort has been built from scratch with easy wheelchair access in mind, starting from construction to the final interior decorations and amenities. A-ONE Pattaya Beach Resort does not only focus on wheelchair users but other disabled individuals as well. In fact, the whole menu is written in Braille for the sight-disabled. Moreover, it offers wheelchair access to the beach and relaxing spa treatments. If you want to relax with your family without worrying too much about accessibility, then this is the perfect resort for you.

6. The London Eye

The London Eye, England

Arguably one of the most iconic hotspots for tourists is actually an accessible tourist attraction that’s totally step-free. You can access the best bird’s-eye view of the London skyline and Thames River for as low as $30. Passengers ride enclosed capsules which can fit more than a dozen people inside, and allow up to two wheelchairs per capsule at a time. It’s an amazing experience that you don’t want to miss out!

5. Chacchoben Ruins

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Chacchoben Ruins, Mexico

Want to visit historical sites? We got you covered. The pathways of Quintana Roo’s Chacchoben Ruins are mostly flat enough for those traveling in a wheelchair. You can ride cruise ships like Royal Caribbean to get to these ancient step pyramids. A tour guide will also be readily available to make your trip extra interesting and educational.

4. Doge’s Palace

328695 shutterstock 349005656
Doge’s Palace, Venice

Venice is already a wonder of itself, but if you’re planning on going there, don’t forget to visit Doge’s Palace. This historic site has an accessible entrance and an elevator to get you up to the upper floor where the palace rooms are located. Most of these rooms have step-free access and some have ramps to make it easier to navigate. On top of that, you have the world-famous Piazza San Marco next door. How cool is that?

3. Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain Bondinho %E2%80%93 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1
Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio

Dare to be a little adventurous? Rio de Janiero is offers intense adventure experience thanks to its steep mountains wrapped in jungle and beaches. Fortunately, one of Rio’s most breath-taking peaks, the Sugarloaf Mountain is wheelchair-friendly. To get there, you must ride a large, ultra-modern glass cable cars that launch from lower Morro da Urca Mountain. Not only that, but you also get a full-view of Rio from up above including Guanabra Bay’s ship and beaches, and the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer.

2. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Front angle
Sydney Opera House, Australia

Actually, the whole city of Sydney is super wheelchair-friendly. All major museums and attractions are easy to get into and around, the downtown streets are well-maintained, and restaurants and stores have a flat entry. Sydney’s transportation system is very easy to use – a dedicated service called Zero200 will happily chauffeur wheelchair-users around town. There are even separate public bathrooms just for wheelchair users are everywhere! But of course, some say you have never truly experienced Australia without visiting the Sydney Opera House. So make sure to attend a performance while you’re at it!

1. Versailles Palace

shutterstock 533937232
Versailles Palace, Paris

Sadly, Paris’ Eiffel Tower is only wheelchair-accessible for the first three floors. But there are tons of other tourist attractions that can cater to wheelchair tourists – and that includes the most grandiose palace in all of Europe: Versailles.

The entire palace is wheelchair-friendly and you can easily spend a whole day exploring the massive palace gardens. The upper floors of the palace are accessible via elevator, and ramps connect the buildings’ first floors to the grounds. Other than that, golf carts also offer a discounted rate for those visitors who are traveling with a disability. So what are you waiting for? This is definitely every travel-goer’s dream!

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